Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pashmina is Cashmere

What does Pashmina word mean ? Does it mean any shawl or wrap, made of whatever ? I am sure - No !!. Pashmina is Cashmere, we at Home Of Pashmina are surprised to see such a misuse of a pristine word Pashmina. Pashmina signifies word Pashm which stands for fine wool in Persian.

Pashminas are shawls/wraps made with Cashmere wool combed from domesticated goats in Himalayan region of Asia.

At Home Of Pashmina, we are keeping the tradition alive, Pashmina is Cashmere for us. We mix silk with Pashmina to create blends as well, but we never call Viscose material as Pashmina, now that would be a misuse of royalty called - Pashmina.

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